Wild Hemp Backpack

Handmade with Wild grown Hemp from the Nepal Himalaya and coloured with 100% natural dyes.

We recommend hand washing in cold water for best results and longevity of the colour. Use diluted mild liquid soap. Drip dry/line dry out of direct sunlight. We recommend against machine washing.

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Materials: Wild Hemp, Tibetan sheep wool, Hemp-Organic Cotton, Brass Buckles, Natural Dyes

Dimensions & Weight: 15 litres (approximate)

Hemp grows wild throughout Nepal and has a long tradition of use in fabric production, used for clothes and hard wearing bags. Our Wild Hemp Backpacks are handcrafted with this traditional material and is dyed using all natural dyes derived from plants and minerals.

The roll- or fold-down top allows you to expand the bag’s volume (we’ve used it to carry a yoga mat, sticking out of the top) whilst still being able to secure the bag closed. Two side pockets keep your water bottle(s) readily accessible without having to open up your pack. A loop at the top of the bag allows you to carry your bag in your hand or hang it up.

We also included a laptop section inside the pack to help you keep things organised, but did not add additional padding to this pouch (what’s your laptop sleeve for?) to keep the weight to a minimum and make the use of the bag without a laptop remain super functional.

As with our other products, we went back to the drawing board with this backpack and redesigned it from the ground up. The hardest part of designing this pack was finding ways around using plastic and mass-produced cheap metal features. The answer came from the same place as with our other items – the rich artisanal traditions of Nepal.

We were able to strip all of the plastic and mass-produced parts away and replace them with our own in-house designed buckles which are handmade in Nepal from brass (a material with a long tradition in the Himalayan country which is under threat from cheaper imports). The plastic foam padding was replaced with Tibetan Sheep Wool harnessing its natural hydrophobic (water repelling) properties as well as its durable, firm-but-comfortable cushioning.

One added beautiful aspect of this pack is that we use new, virgin Hemp throughout. This is hardwearing and durable, but softens with time and use. Meaning that as you and your bag grow older together, your bag matures and softens to your touch!