The Last Honey Hunter Lip Balm

Handmade with pure beeswax from the National Geographic documentary “The Last Honey Hunter” and Apricot kernel oil from the Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang,. This LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION, extra conditioning lip balm is 100% handmade. Used daily or when your skin needs a little extra love, these balms will help to soften and heal dry or chapped skin and lips.

We add no artificial preservatives to our balms, so recommend storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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Ingredients: Apricot Kernel oil, beeswax (A. laboriosa)

Weight:  10g (approximate)

Beeswax from world’s largest honeybees, Apis laboriosa, which nests high on the cliffs in midhills of Nepal is infused with Apricot kernel oil from the high Himalayan Kingdom of Mustang to make these incredible, “The Last Honey Hunter” SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION, lip balms.

Our balms come in beautifully handmade wooden boxes made from a native hardwood, which gives each box its own unique and attractive grain pattern.

Once the balm has been used, the empty box can be cleaned with warm water, allowed to dry and then used for storage of your small treasures – rings and jewellery for example.



The Last Honey Hunter

The tradition of hunting wild cliff honey in Nepal goes back for countless generations. For the Kulung tribe, there is a belief that to become the honey hunter you have to have a certain special dream. Only those who have had this dream are granted safe passage onto the steep and dangerous cliffs where the largest honeybees on earth (Apis laboriosa) build their hives.
This limited edition lip balm uses beeswax harvested by the last man in the Kulung village of Saadi who has had the dream – featured in the short film The Last Honey Hunter.

You can read more about this incredible story and to see where this wax comes from here: or check out #thelasthoneyhunter on social media for more info on this incredible. There is also a short “behind the scenes” documentary on YouTube.


These balms are all beeswax based. Please check the individual ingredients of each balm before ordering if you have sensitive skin. While a reaction is unlikely, we also recommend testing the balm on a small area of less sensitive skin before using more widely on the body.