Ahimsa Silk Shawl

Our handwoven Ahimsa Silk Shawls are made using fibres from silk worm cocoons. However, unlike typical silk, which involves boiling cocoons with silkworm larvae still alive inside, we gather cocoons later in the year, after the silkworms have completed their lifecycle naturally and the larvae have emerged and left their cocoons behind. This gives silk with a rich character that is soft and cosy to the touch. Silk takes natural dyes well, allowing us to provide you with a range of vibrant and beautiful colour options! Look great and feel good – the perfect gift for the environmental and fashion conscious!

We recommend hand washing in cold water for best results and longevity of the colour (if you choose a dyed shawl). Use diluted mild liquid soap. Drip dry/line dry out of direct sunlight. While machine washing can be done (although appliances vary), it will shorten the life of the shawl so we do not recommend it. Cold wash with mild detergent, no spin.

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From: 45.00


Materials: 100% Silkworm Friendly Ahimsa Silk

Dimensions & Weight: 60cm x 190cm

What is Silk Worm Friendly Ahimsa Silk and What makes it so special?

Silk comes from the cocoon of a silk worm during its larval stage (like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly). Normally silk is made by boiling the cocoon while the insect is alive inside. This produces a single, long thread which makes the fabric we have all come to know as silk. Ahimsa silk is different. We take the cocoon AFTER the larvae has competed its transformation and emerged naturally. This provides many, shorter fibers which we use to produce or fabric. The resulting fabric has the same amazing softness and warmth of silk, but is “silk worm friendly” as the cocoon is empty when it is boiled.