Wild Hemp Yoga Mat

  • The next generation of environmentally conscience yoga mats.
  • 100% natural materials
  • 100% handmade
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% chemical free (including during production)

The fibres are hand-harvested, washed in pure Himalayan water and hand-spun, weaved and stitched. All this means that they look and feel amazing. They even smell good too!

Our Wild Hemp Yoga Mats are made to the highest quality using the strongest and most beautiful natural materials. We combine wild hemp-cotton canvas with pure wild nettle fabric (for the trim) to create these beautiful eco-friendly mats.


These mats offer a great alternative to rubber-based yoga mats which can often feel sweaty or have an unpleasant smell (even top-end “eco” mats) – especially when you get up close to it during your practice.

We use no bleach or other chemical treatments or dyes in our production process.



MATERIALS: Wild Hemp/Organic Cotton (55:45%), Natural Padding & Wild Nettle.

COLOURS: Natural, Pomegranate green, Acacia brown
WEIGHT: 1.8 kg


PLEASE NOTE: All Khali Khutta products are handmade so weights and measurements are approximate and may vary. Similarly natural dyes do not yield the exact same shade each time, so photographs are indicative of colour only.


Care and Washing

  • Can be machine washed, but we recommend hand washing for best results.
  • Use only mild detergent;
  • Wash in cold water;
  • Dry in shade (do not use machine dry);
  • Iron at medium temperature.


More Information

With latex/rubber mats, your hands and feet stick fast which can lead to poor asana development as you just “sink” into position, relying hugely on the mats stickiness. With our yoga mat, your practice benefits from proper asana development; with the balance of grip and softness, which encourages you to “pull in” your hands and feet *just* a bit. This makes the correct muscles work for each asana, which can feel unfamiliar initially, but is hugely beneficial in the longer term. These mats are similar to those used by yogis in the old days of yoga and their authenticity shines through, both in their appearance and functionality.

Because the canvas is not latex/rubber based, sweaty hands and feet grip the mat just as well as dry ones do. We use a 100% natural, semi-firm padding, which is the result of extensive research and testing. Using different materials and thicknesses we believe we have found the perfect balance between comfort and firmness.