Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Bag

  • Designed to fit any size yoga mat
  • Available in Pomegranate/Haro Green and Acacia Brown

Made from certified organic cotton and hand dyed using natural vegetable dyes.

Functional and beautiful design includes an adjustable hand-knitted nettle carry strap with a brass buckle so it’s easy to take on a bicycle and the hemp pocket is perfect for holding your phone, keys and wallet.


MEASUREMENTS: Fits one yoga mat up to a maximum 71cm rolled length and 16cm rolled up diameter.


  • A simple sling style carry-strap does not restrict movement while you carry your mat
  • A small buttoned pocket holds your mobile phone and keys
  • Draw string closure at the top and a simple, adjustable carry strap with handmade brass buckle.

MATERIALS: Organic cotton, hand dyed with natural dyes, wild hemp pocket and base, coconut button, cotton draw string and strap.

PLEASE NOTE: All Khali Khutta products are handmade so weights and measurements are approximate and may vary. Similarly natural dyes and fibres do not yield the exact same shade each time, so photographs are indicative of colour only.

Care and Washing
To take care of your natural dyed fabrics please make sure to wash separately with cool water and use a mild soap and avoid drying in direct sunlight. For best results it is advised to use soap nut to wash natural vegetable dyed fabrics.

More Information

No bleach or other chemical treatments are used in the processing of our fabrics.  The fibres are hand-harvested, washed in pure Himalayan water and hand-spun, weaved and stitched. This allows the true colours and character of the materials to shine through.

Our yoga mat bags are made in small batches, not mass produced, and being made by hand ensures that they are made with that little bit more care, love and attention. All this means that they are meticulously handcrafted  yoga mat bags which look and feel amazing. We love them and you will too!