Khali Khutta founders Dave and Prabighya getting their hands (and feet) dirty.

Khali Khutta’s Foundations

We (Dave and Prabighya) established Khali Khutta (pronounced “Kha-lee Khoo-tuh”) in 2015 following our dissatisfaction with the environmental and eco-friendly approach of some companies and organisations (and their products). We wanted to provide a genuinely sustainable and environmentally friendly option for many products that we could not find in the market ourselves.

Khali Khutta and Nepal

Nepal is loved around the world. Known for being the home of Mount Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha and home to the world’s most hospitable people. We live in Nepal. We are Nepali (well, Dave is “Nepali jwain” or son-in-law in Nepali) and we love Nepal, just like you.

Khali Khutta Wild Nettle is hand harvested, processed by hand, hand spun and weaved by hand. With Khali Khutta, handmade means handmade.

Rural lives in Nepal have always been hard, which has led to the development of some of the world’s most resilient people. The value of the skills that these tribes, ethnicities and communities have developed over centuries are often unrecognised. Ironically this is especially true in more rural areas, in a drive to be “progressive”. We are not against modernisation or development. But we are strongly in favour of deliberate, integrated and planned development with a long term vision working together with people and nature.

In designing our products, we visit rural communities throughout Nepal where traditional skills are still practiced, living seasonally with the earth. We witness the harvesting and gathering techniques, the (often days-long) processing of raw materials and buy direct from them (often through cooperatives). These materials include thread, fabric, wax, oil, bamboo, hemp amongst others.

Khali Khutta work with rural communities throughout Nepal to make our range of products. These ladies harvest wild nettle which we use in our Wild Hemp Yoga Mats.

What Makes Khali Khutta Different?

We believe that, as individuals, knowing the source of the materials and products we purchase is important. Knowing the people who grow, harvest, process and stitch your products means we know where the money is going when you make a purchase from us.




We are excited to be designing & creating products using materials and skills from age-old traditions of Nepal. These traditions are naturally rooted in the ethos of simplicity, connection with the elements of nature and sustainability – how it all used to be.

We invite you to join us in supporting rural livelihoods whilst also owning a bit of Nepali traditional craftsmanship, the skills for which have been developed and passed down through the generations for centuries.


You can read more about what we do and what we’re about in the Our Philosophy section.

All of our products are, and will always be, handmade in Nepal and biodegradable.